The Color Black

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Putting color in your wardrobe can be a tricky thing.  Most people find safety in a couple colors and never want to stray from them.  For women, this is most commonly BLACK!  Culturally, black is a color of sophistication and seems to be the color that is “most dressy.”  And then there is the other justification we cling to…black is slimming!  I know that a woman will never entirely be able to get away from black in a wardrobe, but the attempt to branch out SHOULD be made.  And here are just a couple of reasons:

  1. Black is the harshest neutral color, so people with more subtle coloring (like blondes) should gravitate more towards wearing browns closer to the face!
  2. This is a mantra women should live by…black doesn’t make you look skinny, nicely fitted clothes do!  The truth is, you can wear black and still look frumpy!  So, why not choose colors that are going to compliment your natural coloring?

THE TAKE-AWAY: When bombarded with color choices (you know the cardigan sales with 50 different color choices), a good rule of thumb is…the colors you will ALWAYS look great in are the ones that naturally occur in your personal coloring (your eye color and hair color)!

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  1. Lisa Kaltenbaugh says:

    Love the advice. When can you come over and go through my wardrobe?

  2. Ange says:

    Love the post! You need a link on here so I can subscribe through your blog. You know, one of those rss things. :)

    Your capcha’s making me do MATH! UGH.

  3. Ryan King says:

    I love it! I am looking forward to reading more!

  4. Jess-E-ca says:

    Great tip! Keep ’em coming!

  5. Jamie says:

    Love what you’re doing here, Jacque :) I have a hard time branching out because I don’t find many colors I think I look good in. I don’t have the black problem, but I tend to stick a few colors. You mentioned the eye color thing, but greens make me look ill. Any other color picking hints? Now go have that baby!

    • Jacqueline Michelle says:

      Your natural coloring is no mistake! If you have green eyes, then you look good in green! You just need to find the best shades of greens! You have lots of colors that will look good on you, but the very best colors are the ones that already occur naturally.

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