Q: What is the best service to start with?

A: mens tieAfter the Introduction & Planning Session, most clients will begin with a Wardrobe Cleanout & Evaluation session. Even if a Personal Shopping session is your ultimate goal, by getting a closer look at your current wardrobe, I can know exactly what is absent and I can fill in the gaps with a “focused” session of Personal Shopping.  Or I can come back to your closet after shopping trips to help you smoothly incorporate new items into your wardrobe.

Q:  What if I need a completely new wardrobe?

A: Don’t panic, it will be OK!  Developing a new wardrobe takes time and the anxiety can be alleviated with a plan!  A plan can keep you from experiencing buyer’s remorse and I can create outfits that will mix and match in order to maximize the number of ensembles in your wardrobe.

Q:  Do clients end up having wardrobes that look exactly alike?

A: All of our lives are very different!  I take into consideration your lifestyle when helping you plan how to dress.  Other very important things to consider are your coloring, body shape, profession, fashion preferences, and budget.

Q: Will you take my personal coloring and body shape into consideration when developing my wardrobe?

A: Absolutely.  I am trained and certified in color and body style analysis.  My goal is to make you look your absolute best.  I will help you develop a wardrobe that is not only fashionable, but perfectly selected to flatter your unique natural coloring and body shape.

Q:  When developing a wardrobe, is my shape and coloring more important than the current trends?

A: pearl necklaceHow comfortable you feel in your clothes comes before anything!  Sometimes what is new and trendy (whether it is the season’s popular color or current silhouette) isn’t always what is best for your coloring or shape.  With that said, it is always possible to tweak current trends to make them more suitable for you!  And don’t forget…a Body Style Analysis can also assist you in your shopping endeavors!

Q:  Is there a confidentiality policy?

A: Certainly!  It’s a client’s choice to tell someone that they have worked with me. However, referrals are always appreciated!

Q:  Are deposits required before appointments?

A: Yes.  A 50% deposit is required for all appointments.  The deposit must be paid at the time the session is schedule.

Q:  Can men make session appointments?

A: Sure!  These sessions will always be better if the man is the one desiring the session as opposed to a well-meaning woman “recommending” it!