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Thursday, April 10th, 2014

I am trying to teach my daughter about viewing her body in a positive way.  She’s two.  You might think that’s too young, but I’ve realized I actually need to teach myself before I can expect her to learn.  I had this thought when she was first born…What if my daughter was able to grow up and look back on her childhood and not remember hearing me talk poorly about my body.  I know, you just scoffed or rolled your eyes!  The truth is, I might not be excited about the current state of my shape, but why does that need to be something I speak out and draw attention to?  

If I want my daughter to grow up to be a confident and secure women, I figure I can start with some of the things that will form her thinking right now.  She will learn to talk about her body based on the example I give.  The words we use are powerful, so choose them wisely!

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  1. Corey says:

    When my daughters see me step on the scale and then copy me, I tell them “let’s see how healthy you are!” Our weight is a reflection of our health, but not a measure of our beauty. (And for the two- and three-year-old, weight GAIN is the sign of health.)

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