Friday, October 11th, 2013

As seasons and wardrobes are transitioning, I’ve had several clients over the last couple months ask about denim. Denim is the backbone to a great fall wardrobe and can often be overlooked because it usually is playing the “supporting role” in an outfit as opposed to being the statement piece. Before you get adventurous with your denim selections, it is important that you have in your wardrobe a pair of jeans that fit awesome and are a dark wash. The “cut” of the denim is your preference, but the fit is exceedingly important. Here are a few guidelines that might assist you in your search for denim:

The petite girl…
A standard straight leg jean is an excellent “go to.” Boot-cut jeans can make the length of your leg look shorter.

The busty girl…
Many (not all) busty females will have slender legs causing them to want to show off their slenderness with skinny jeans. Although I LOVE a great pair of skinnies, to achieve a balanced and proportionate look, have a pair of jeans that have a wider leg (understand me, I am NOT saying to wear bell bottoms) that can add the necessary volume to balance a larger chest.

The extra curvy girl…
If you have some height and are well proportioned throughout the leg, boot-cut jeans can play up your curves. If you are petite, your best guidelines are a combination of the two from above. You want to use the width of the leg to bring balance to your look as a whole.


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