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The Summer Shoe

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

As much as I don’t want to admit it…summer will be here soon.  One of the essentials for a summer wardrobe is a cute pair of sandals.  There are plenty of options at many different price points, but my BIGGEST recommendation is don’t live all summer in a pair of plastic flip-flops!  Sandals are the “grown-up” shoe for summer and it finishes off an outfit that is trying to beat the heat!  A flip-flop will leave an outfit looking incomplete and not well thought out.  If you love some fun in your shoes, get a sandal with some fun detailing or in an exciting color.  Or if you are a minimalist, try a sandal with braided detailing.

THE TAKE-AWAY:  One pair of “grown-up” sandals are better than having the option between 10 different colors of plastic flip flops.



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Athletic Shoes

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

It is sad, but true…I am coming to the days when I no longer can suffer through an eight hour day of uncomfortable shoes all in the name of fashion (I can force myself to manage a short five hour day)!  My point is this, I understand comfortable shoes do matter to some people and will eventually end up mattering to most!  BUT ATHLETIC SHOES SHOULD NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE THE GYM!!  You shouldn’t even count athletic shoes in your tallying of how many shoes you own!  They have one purpose…exercise!  It exhausts me to see how many people ruin potentially great outfits with the shoes they wear!

THE TAKE-AWAY:  Stop wearing athletic shoes with jeans!

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