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Getting Dressed Made Easy

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Having prearranged outfits in your closet is fun and takes less time when getting ready.  I catalog outfits with pictures, so I don’t forget them (I often will forget what I wore two days prior).  There are two ways you can do this.  First, if you wear an outfit one day and realize you really like it, snap a quick picture.  The second thing you can do, go to your closet and take time to create outfits (when doing this, FULLY create the outfit: pick out shoes, accessories…finish the look).  This way, there is no fussing involved when you decide to wear that outfit.  Then lay the items on the floor so you can clearly determine what items they are and snap a picture!  I enjoy doing this because I will purpose to use an item that I might quickly overlook in a frenzy.

If this idea stresses you out…I can help!  I am running a holiday special!  If you schedule any session with me before January 15th, you will receive the first hour free and every hour after that at $20 (minimum 2 hour sessions).
(The date of the session can be after January 15th)

 Click here for a look at my services.

 This offer does not include workshops or Body Style Analysis


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The Purge

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Less is more.  This applies to many things in life…especially, your closet!  ‘Tis the season to purge!  Having a closet packed full of clothes does not mean that you will have a lot to wear.  How often do you dread the thought of approaching your closet to search for a great outfit?  If your closet was organized and filled ONLY with items that fit great and looked good on you, the process of getting dressed would be effortless!

THE TAKE-AWAY:  Get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year!  Stop telling yourself, “if I just lose (blank) more pounds, I can wear that!”  No, you won’t and how long have you been telling yourself that?  It is better to look good NOW at your current weight then to waste energy reminiscing about the way you looked before.  One more thing…you should not still be wearing styles you wore 20 years ago.  Yes, trends make returns to fashion, but usually with tweaks.  So most likely, your old trends will be exposed for the imposters they are!

***If you schedule a Wardrobe Cleanout & Evaluation by January 31st, you will receive the first hour free, minimum 2 hours.  E-mail:***

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