2013 Spring/Summer: Stripes

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Stripes.  You probably have noticed tons of stripes lately and you will continue to see them during your spring/summer shopping.  There are different types of stripes for whatever your preference might be.  Thick, thin, a combination of the two, subtly contrasted, highly contrasted, vertical, horizontal…you get the point!  If you want them, you can find them.

A side note on horizontal stripes…they are great for creating volume.  So, if you are slender and want added volume, this is great.  If you do not want added volume, but you still like stripes, you can pair a horizontally striped shirt with a little jacket or cardigan and the stripes will still be seen just not in their entirety!

THE TAKE-AWAY:  Stripes are a pattern, so if you need to add some visual interest to your wardrobe this could be your ticket.  This could also be a strategy for implementing some color into your closet!  Have fun and be mindful of what kind of stripe might be best for you!


Stripes 1

Stripes 2

Stripes 3

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  1. Amanda Maynes says:

    Oh! I love that striped jacket in the middle!

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