2013 Spring/Summer: Bermuda Shorts

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Bermuda shorts are longer in length than the average pair of shorts.  When purchasing Bermuda shorts, be certain to buy a pair that fits well and isn’t too loose.  Adding a loose fit to the length of Bermuda shorts will cause you to not look your best.  You want the material to skim the shape of your leg.

Bermuda shorts

THE TAKE-AWAY:  You will find Bermuda shorts in neutral shades and also in some rockin’ fun colors!  If you struggle implementing color into your wardrobe, the coming season is the perfect time!  This is a colorful time of year, so you can add some pops of color without feeling like you are standing out too much!

An addendum:  If you are buying Bermuda shorts in plus sizes…same thing goes for you…not too loose!  I know sometimes you can feel tempted to try and “hide” your shape, but don’t!  You certainly don’t want your shorts to be too tight, but you want them to fit your shape as to not add bulk.  I would also encourage you to have fun with color when purchasing Bermuda shorts.  To keep attention on the outfit as a whole, as opposed to just your shorts, choose colors you are comfortable with.  If you are adventurous…go for it!  If you are a little apprehensive, try a darker shade of a fun color (royal blue, emerald green, crimson red).  In the example photos, lots of the women have their shirts tucked in (I think it is to see the shorts in their entirety).  I wouldn’t recommend that look for a plus size woman…mostly because it will most likely end up looking fuddy duddy!

Plus Size Bermuda Shorts

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  1. Dawn says:

    I personally prefer bermuda shorts. Could you offer a few tips on how to wear bermuda shorts in plus size? I am afraid that colorful shorts will draw eyes to areas that aren’t as flattering. Also, should plus size women wear shorts that skim the shape of their legs? I know baggy doesn’t look as good, but sometimes we are trying to hide our “shape.” Your advice is appreciated! (Also, photos of plus size models is helpful to visualize what they should look like when worn correctly.)

    • Jacqueline Michelle says:

      Thanks for your questions, Dawn! I added an “addendum” to the post to cover the topic more thoroughly! :)

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